In summer 1981, english media reported for the first time about a few mysterious circle formations
in the wheat fields of Hampshire. From an early curiousity for this phenomen, a serious research
quickly developed, and a controversial discussion ensued on who or for what the
creation of the figures where responsible for.

Old narrations, rock paintings and geometric forms in nature clearly point to the fact that the
crop circle pattern is primitive, but the type that are shown to us today should be new.
In the eighties, only a simple circle with a few variations was found. Since the beginning of the nineties,
these circles seem to have evolved further.

More complex and multifaceted patterns, so called pictograms, are still being developed,
varying strongly in form and size; a few have a diameter of up to 250 meters. In the meantime
there are insect type images, key patterns, multi-spirals, and so on. The most circles are mostly
sighted in South England, normally in the Wiltshire county.

Up to about 100 circles per year are sighted there from April/May to August/September.
The rest is dispersed in Japan, Canada, as well as numerous European countries.
In the meantime, there are over 5,000 formations.

The crop circles in South England have an impressive symmetry and precision.
The wheat plants within the circular formations are laid spirally flat, the stems are not broken,
the seeds are partially deformed or slightly genetically modified. The patterns are created mostly
at dawn or at night and in a short time. The creation is connected with energetic anomalies
like temperature falls and high frequences.

Explanations include underground water reserviors, fungal decay, magnetic hurricanes,
earth lights up to unidentified flying objects and obviously the so-called „crop circles forgers“,
although real forged circles can be easily identified because of the abovementioned criteria.

The most probable theory till now: The earth magnetism creates an energy flow that is released
in the air through the crust and the air whirls into a spiral form. The magnetic force pushes the
vortex back to earth – and the circle is pressed into the wheat field. Such an explanation based
upon earth magnetism makes sense in South England because especially intensive earth rays
have been observed there since thousands of years. But how can air swirls and magnetic energy
streams create ever-increasing complex patterns? Are the signs in the wheat fields maybe a
manifestation of a higher human consciousness instead of the earth itself; postulated by the
Gaia Hypothesis of the British scientist James Lovelock and the morphogenetic fields Rupert Sheldrake?
Or are they messages from a parallel worlds from another time dimension?

The mystery is still not solved!

Information about Crop Circles (german)