The wonderful and troubled story that took place in 1927 in the rain forest of Belize
(previously British Honduras) is still moving today. The British adventurer and archeologist
Frederick Mitchell-Hedges was on his way in the primeval forest to research the remains of a
long lost culture connected with the fabled Atlantis. As his adopted daughter Anna passed through
the excavation site on her seventeenth birthday, she discovered an unusual apparation of light:
something bright lit up amongst the old ruins. The workers quickly cleared debris and stones and
found a skull made of pure rock crystal. It was as big as a human skull, weighing more than 5 kilograms
and was unbelievebly perfectly manufactured. The Indios immediately came flowing out of the jungle,
knelt and prayed. An old Maya explained that the skull was over 100000 years old and a priceless
treasure of his culture. A total of 13 such skulls were discovered. They supplied information about the
origins of man and answered the biggest questions of life. If one brought all the skulls together, they
would start speaking. Mitchell-Hedges concluded that the unusual find was a minimum of 3600
years old and manufactured in an unknown and extremely amazing technique. No one had any
idea how the Maya could have managed to create them. An ongoing examination of the skull,
carried out in 1970 at the laboratories of the computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard,
confirmed its amazing properties:

The skull is composed of pure quartz and is worked opposite of the natural axis.
Normally it should have broken into thousands of pieces during the manufacturing process.
It is assumed that it was roughly worked uppn with diamond tools and finally polished with a
mixture of sand and water. The approximate working time required: over three hundred years.
»The damned thing should normally not exist«, a researcher observed. What could it mean?
Were the Mayas really in a position to manufacture such pieces that we still cannot manufacture
today even with modern techniques? Were the primitive cultures further developed than we
nowadays think? Or was it the work of unnatural powers?
Were the people visited by extraterrestials, leaving these unsusual finds behind them –
just like Anna Mitchell-Hedges suggested.

Legends report:
"According to the traditional North American Indians, 12 galactic races settled on earth.
Each race brought a crystal skull from its home planet, whereby it could
communicate with its original home."

Die uralten Kristallschädel