Is there a relation between alien impressions today (2)
and old "god figures"?

One can observe an alien (1) in the archeological museum
in Mexico City. The primtive inhabitants of the south sea
revered the Tiki (3) as spirits and gods.
This figure (4) was located on the Canary Islands
and it doesn't really remind us of a homo sapiens.

Sumerian god figures also remind us of
an alien species.

In Japan, mysterious god figures, called the Dogus, exist.
Who or what where the models that stood for these figures?


Further god statues that show foreign facial features
were found in the caribic Gulf region.


This unique figure group is still a mystery for archeologists.
The designs with the egg-heads were found in "La Venta" (Mexico).
They are made of jade and ophite. The phenomen of the unique skull formation can be
observed worldwide. It was considered as a "symbol of beauty", but who was the model for
this form of beauty? Maybe the revered godly beings?

Even the family of Echnaton in ancient Egypt cared for the cult
of the deformation of heads. Or were they direct descendants of the gods,
just like it is oftenly described in historical sources?

Echnaton and his daughter.

Pacal, the ruler of Palenque
had an extraordinary deformation of the head

Seamlessly in the squad of the aliens and egg-heads, a pair
from the sumerian city Eridu are also added.
"As the heavenly kingdom came to earth, it unfolded itself in Eridu"
So it is at the beginning of the oldest, at the end of the third millenium BC in the cuneiform
writing of the sumerian list of kings.

Skull formations in the Archeological Museum in La Paz (Bolivia).

Mysterious finds of skulls around the globe are still left
unexplained by scientists. Deformations, surgical operations thousands of years ago
and anomalies with parts found leave a lot of interpretations open.

Some even look as they were not even from our world!