One crosses the plateau of Nazca on the Panamericana towards Chile.
Between the Andes and the Pacific, over an extremely dry coastal strip that is 4000 km long
anout about 200 km wide, huge ground diagrams cover hundreds of square kilometers.
The land reminds us of the moon's surface - not suitable for any life.

The American Paul Kosok discovered the first figures on the Plateau in 1939.
Apart from impressive lines and paths, figures that are hundreds of meters large are "scrabbled".
These figures are each made up of an unbroken line as if drawn with an oversized plotter.

They encompass an area of 1000 square km, and they are only wholly
recognizable from the air. For whom were they created?

Not alot is recognizable from the ground.
Archeologists are not that irritated if one has to board a plane to see the images.
For this circumstance, the theory of the early hot-air balloons is brought up!?

The images are officially dated back to about 350 and 900 AD.
It's a mystery how one can date such designs.
The remains of old jars were used to determine the age
of the lines and figures. Does this makes sense?

The plateau is also interpreted as a huge astronomical calendar.

New analyses talk about marks for water wheels!?
The scientific community is currently tumbling itself
with various interpretations.

More unobserved artificial structures are located in the neighboring Palpa Region.
Here is a sprial.

An oversized "paper tape"

A "Mandala" in huge dimensions lies in the middle of the landscape.


Nearby, on a mountain side, this huge figure welcomes the godly beings that arrived
from the heavens. It got the matching name "El Astronauta" from the Peruvians.

Another huge figure as a sign for
the flying gods in the Atacama Desert.

Hill formations in the Palpa Region, ignored by the general acheology,
talk a unique language.

Which cult will be used by the archeologist to link with these
artificial shabby ridges?

The flattened ridges lie like an "aircraft carrier" in the paltry landscape.

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In old Egyptian narrations it is reported
that the god Seth was in a position to "cut" mountains.
He was also a good pilot in his sun barque, like many of his flying colleagues.

The area around Nazca is covered with underground artificial water canals,
and the age and their builders are unknown!

Picture Galerie - Palpa / Nazca