A "Maya Stargate" in Chicanna on the Yucatan peninsula with many mostly baffling ornaments.
The Maya civilization had an unbelievable knowledge of astronomy. this "Dresden Codex"
is one of the few codices that survived the destructiveness (in the name of the Catholic Church)
of the spanish Conquistadores. These Codices describe precisely, amongst other things,
the exact orbital data of all planets in our Solar System and the reference point with each other.
This was only proved with the most modern techniques in current times!

(Extract from the Venus table)

A prime example of their ancient knowledge of the stars is the cognition about the staggering of the
earth's axis which repeats itself every 25920 years, and therefore results in a yearly displacement of the constellations of about 14/1000 degrees. This means that every year the stars rise exactly 3.4 seconds
earlier as it would have been expected the year before. The leap year effect was also known and brought
the year to 365.24 days. Without this knowledge the Maya would have never achieved these exact results.
In old narratives it is explicitly explained where they got this knowledge.
From the "taskmasters" that cames from other stars!

The Milky Way "zac beh" (white street)
was revered by the Maya as the origin of their gods.


The Dreden Codex engl. (A.Fuls)