Foreign objects - so-called "spirals" - where found in the Ural mountains in Russia in the nineties.
The examinations showed that these findings where technically used about 300,000 years ago!
This is a scientific sensation with far-reachings consequences: History books must be re-written!

Gold seekers found peculiar objects in the region of the Narda creek.
The size of the objects varies for nearly 3 centimeters to 0.003 millimeters.
In the following years more such artifacts were also discovered in other regions,
such as around the Kozhim and Balbanju rivers.

The results of the examinations showed that a part of the spirals is composed of wolframite with
a glassy surface, with traces of holes, with cores of wolframite or molybdenum and of a filament
wound inside the spirals. One had also found copper spirals that were bigger than the
wolframite spirals. The forms and the configuration of the spirals are very special. Measurements
showed that the proportions of the sprials exhibit the "golden cut".
The artifacts were technically used!

Dr. Valerie Ouvarov from St. Petersburg is convinced that these foreign spirals where originally a
huge transceiver antenna, and this about ten thousand years ago! Ouvarov agrees that there is
a possibility that this primeval complex was destroyed from outer space during a "star war".

The spirals were examined in various laboratories and they confirm a scientific sensation.
The Institute for Geological Research for non-ferrous and precious metals in Moscow dates the
microtechnical objects with an age of at least 100,000 years; based on such an age,
an extraterrestial origin cannot be excluded!

The phenomen will become clear with a magnification of 100 times.
The measuring line below shows a length of 0.2 millimeters!
Advanced technology that is more advanced than ours,
and this since more than tens of thousands of years!

Was such an advanced technology possible 100,000 years ago?
In any case not from "our" civilisation, not from our direct ancestors such as how
it is learnt in textbooks. The first probable "speculative" theory of Dr. Valerie Ouvarov that it is a
primeval transmitting complex that was destroyed by flying space ships during a "star war" contains
more profound evidence. Such as that many "spirals" were found within a heavy substance, in rock,
that melt under a high exposure of heat – and this occurred in a fraction of second –, for example
from a laser beam from outer space!