The articifically heaped up "burial mound" of Anthiochos I on the 3000m high
Nemrut Dag in East Anatolia has a cicumference of 150m and a height of 50m. It is made up of
hand-sized ballast pebbles and is surrounded by three terraces. What is hidden underneath?
Previous attempts to drive a corridor through the rubble landfill have all failed.

The five original, up to 9m in height, cult figures embody greek
and persian gods, such as Apollo, Mithras, Helios and Hermes the gods' messenger.

A slab, part of the site, displays an animal body where 19 stars are located.
The so-called "Lion Horoscope" is the world's oldest horoscope and a further unresolved
phenomen of mankind: The priests of Antiochos calculated a star constellation
that will be visible in the skies in about 25,000 years.