Here you see proof of a visit of Extraterrestrial beings on the earth.
This skull (Star Child) was found in the 1930s in Mexico and prepares
since the 1999 years the scientists more headaches as an acceptance
of the facts presented, the laboriously constructed intellectual
edificebring the history of humanity would collapse.
Make yourself an opinion without reservation.



------------ Humanscull ------------------------------------- Starchildscull------------


Edgar Dean „Ed“ Mitchell (born 17 September 1930 in Hereford, Texas)
is an astronaut. He was the 6th person to walk on the moon.

"Such a journey in space changes everything. When I landed on the moon I had an overwhelming
feeling that even the universe itself is a conscious being. This means that all life forms,
whether on Earth or somewhere else, are part of a whole. I have no doubt that extraterrestials
visited our planet. Governments posses thousands of documents about UFO sightings.
As a scientist, it is for me logical that a few of these eyewitness reports are about extraterrestial
flying objects. Due to my training, the military was ready to talk with me rather than with people
that could have been called crazy. And what they tell me leaves no doubts: The Earth was already
visited by extraterrestials. The astronomer Copernicus was convicted as a heretic about
500 years ago because he believed that the Earth was not the center of the universe.
And today the majority of us still believe that mankind is the biological center of the universe.
We still do not believe that intelligent life oustide the Earth exists until we meet an alien during shopping."

Birds, insects, fish, reptiles or... planes?

Präkolumbianische Goldflieger

...They are jewelry pieces that should not exist because they do not match the world view of
classical archeology. Planes before our century are a tabu subject for our scientists. The parts
were interpreted as hybrid or mixed beings. They are many centuries old, found in the graves
of the Muisca, Calima, Tairona and Tolima Indians in Columnbia of today. (Infos)

The story of Phaeton:
Phaeton, son of the sungod Helios, had a free wish >from his father. Phaeton wished to drive
the heavenly vehicle of his father. The father was disturbed because the heavenly vehicle
can only be driven by the sungod. It is too powerful and quick and cannot be driven by anyone else.
Helios feared something would go wrong and suggested to his son, „you can never drive it“,
but Phaeton stuck to his wish. The fear was realized, the vehicle traveled at great speeds
toward heaven and crashed.

"Who are those who fly in the clouds like doves?"
(Book of Isaiah Chap.60/Par.8)

Flying objects were found even in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Jordan and in Sakkara (Egypt).
Did the goldsmiths created what they saw or what was descended to them over the centuries?
Fire-spitting earth monster that could fly like a bird with ear-deafening noise like a storm,
fast like a fish in the water and so terrifying like a crocodile?

"It is a privilige to control a flying machine. The knowledge of flying is part of our oldest heritage,
a present from 'someone from above'. We received it as a toolto save many lives."
[Hakahta, The Babylonian Laws]

How the primitive inhabitants in North America experienced and described what they saw
with their knowledge and vocabulary. This is how new words such as
"thunderbird", "steel steed", "firewater" etc were added to their language.

Flying models also with matching crews were found in the graves.

In gold museums in Bogota, New York, Berlin, and Bremen, one can admire such gold pieces.
Unfortuntely tons of gold relics and scrolls of the South American natives were melted down
and burned by the conquerors and missionaries in the name of the Catholic Church.

The gold is nowadays found in nearly ordinary but pretentious cathedrals
around the globe. This treacherous activity is a reason why only little is known about
ancient advanced cultures in South America and theirincredible knowledge for example, in astronomy.

"Maya Observatory" in Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Ein sogenannter Ballspieler

The above pictures, based on science, show a Mayan "ball player".
Is is weird why a player needs such a helmet with a breathing tube?!

Another godly being with a breathing tube is shown on this
pre-classical stele from Tikal. The god Ganesha is revered on the other side of the Earth (India).
Even he is shown with a "trunk". Ganesha, also known as Vinayaka or Ganapathi, is the son
of Shakti and Shiva - his name means „Guardian of Creation“. He is the
great conqueror of obstacles and lord of beginnings.

Here are three more sportive "ball players" from the Maya time,
with their funny suits that resemble space suits?

A Katchina doll of the Hopi Indians is shown with a helmet on the left.
"Katchinas", in the Hopi history, are "teachers of the universe that came on Earth to teach man.
A goldy figure from Russia, found near Kiev, is on the right.

The fourth angel is called Penemue; he explained the difference between bitter and sweet to
children and gave them all the secrets of his knowledge. he taught man how to write
with pen and paper, whereby they sinned themselves since eternity till eternity and up to that day.

(Book of Henoch)

These two sculptures come from Columbia.
It is assumed that the figure on the right is a pilot in action.

Do images around the world show us godly beings that came from the heavens with
their misunderstood technological equipment?

The largest Maya metropolis discovered so far, Tikal, was built as a holy city by the inhabitants
whereby the following was decyphered from a stone plaque:
"Here the gods descended from the stars to the Earth."

Even in early Sumarian narrations (3000 BC) it is reported about a
kingdom of heaven that settled in the city Eridu.

"As the heavenly kingdom came to Earth, it unfolded into Eridu"
(Sumerian List of Kings)

Pilots and planes...?

Then there have to been landing strips or similar?

These exist 3000km south of Peru!

(Buy poster)

"A voice called: The LORD prepared the way in the desert,
our God made a flat path from the steppe! All valleys should rise,
and all mountains hills should lower, and what was not even, became straight,
and what was hilly, became flat; because the glory of the LORD should be seen!
... The grass seared, the flowers wilted;because the LORD blew in there."
(Isaiah Chap.40 Par.3/4/5/7 Old Testamentt)

Huge figures were scrabbled in the desert for the flying foreigners
whereby they have to be seen from the air to be recognized in all their length.

In ancient Egyptian narrations it is reported that the god Seth was in a position to cut out mountains.
He was also a good pilot of his sun barque just like many of his flying colleagues.
The Palpa Region in the Nazca Desert in Peru, with its mountain formations that are
thousands of years old, is ignored by the archeologists and media. Only the Plateau of Nazca
is still a subject because the artificially worn out ridges cannot be allocated to a matching "cult".
Or do the scientists try to sell us that these images are just natural erosions of nature.

....just how they want to try to do
with the underwater ruins near the Japanese island of Yonaguni.

Nano particles, found in the Ural mountains in Russia.
They are dated back to 100,000 years. Mankind's history must be rewritten once agin.

Primeval monuments and stone works scattered around the world
cannot be classified into a period and the required technical know-how of the inhabitants of those times.
Such buildings include the Pyramids of Giza, Baalbek, Puma Puncu, the fortress walls
Sachsaihuaman or Teotihuacan in Mexico.

On some days these giants were on earth, and even later,
after the sons of the gods! mated with the daughters of men!
and these gave birth to children. These are the heroes of the eons, the famous men.
(Genesis Chap.6 Old Testament)

The "Southern Stone" in Baalbek (Libanon) weighs 1300 tons!
No crane can move this colossus. The city of the sungod Baal in Lebanon
(he is known as the god Helios by the Greeks), is everything a size larger than normal here.

In the debris field of Puma Puncu in South America andesit blocks are scattered around,
manufactured like a building block system. Archeologists link the city with the Aymara Indians.
But these had no writing or metal to manufacture such exact building elements.
The legends tell how the city of the gods has been attributed!

The Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan (Place of the Gods).
No one knows who built this complex. The legends tells that the gods met here
to discuss the creation of man. Even the Aztecs found the buildings empty and
their narrations recount that the gods lived here in primeval tiems.

The World wonder, the Pyramids of Giza are a special example
of mankind's history knowingly falsely displayed. Some experts avoid the lore of „Hitat“
from the Arabic historian Ahmed Al Makrizi (1364 - 1442 AD). In the „Capital of the Pyramids“,
Al Makrizi included known and available documents of his time into his works. The pyramid was
later built from the important King Saurid. God himself gave him the „knowledge of the stars“
and informed him about a catastrophe that will come upon the Earth.
Thereupon Saurid, also known as Hermes or Idris, built the pyramid:

„There are people that say: The first Hermes (the Egyptian Thoth),
who was‘ a Prophet, King and Sage (he is the Hewbrew Henoch, son of Jared, son of Mahalalel,
son of Kenan, son of Enos, son of Seth, son of Adam – must be spoken holy of him –, and this is Idris),
who read in the stars that a divulge will come. He built the pyramid and salvaged
all the things that he cared about, that will be lost and could disappear.“

The Arabic historian Abd Al-Hakam writes:

„I believe that the pyramids could have only been built before the divulge;
if they were built afterwards, people would known about them.“

"And the spirit lifted me aloft, and I heard behind me a roar like from a huge earthquake,
as the glory of the LORD lifted itself from its location."

(Prophet Ezechiel Old Testament)

The Old Testament is not full of text that describe a God
that awed man with a well-engineered, technical flying device!

Our God in heaven " was known as Elohim in the first book of Moses (Old Testament)
which means multiple in hebrew. It is then not just one God
but many gods! And he was not that "beloved"!

"So the lord of the hosts spoke: I have considered what Amalek Israel did,
as he prepared the way as Israel fled from Egypt.
Now go there and beat Amalek! And enforce the ban on him for all that
he did, and don't spare him, kill man and woman, child and baby,
calf and sheep, camel and donkey."
(1. Samuel 15/2,3 Old Testament)

"Space travel" was beloved during the times of our ancestors (not only in the Bible).
One of the first lores, the Gilgamesh Epic, describes such an impressive and real depiction of such a journey.

In Palenque, one of the Maya cities in the primordial forest of Chiapas (Mexico) the Lord
"Pacal" is displayed in his "Thunderbird" .

And as Gudakeça, endowed with intelligence, thought about it,
the vehicle came, with lots of radiance, steered by Matali, the clouds parted and the firmament lit
and the heavens filled with its rattle, deep like the roar of powerful clouds.

(Mahabaratha Indian Epic)

Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkan, Gukumatz), another cultural bringer and god of the Maya,
came with his "feathered snake" or in a fire-spouting dragon from the heavens!

This parturition can be observed every year in Chichen Itza during summer solstice.
The architecture and construction of the Kukulkan Pyramid, throws a shadow
of the sun that resembles a gliding snake!

A curious similarity with modern alien impressions feature
various godly figures and spiritual beings around the globe
like these here from Japan, Mexico and a Tiki from the South Seas.

"The inhabitants of the world of 'Nezah' eat bushes and plants
that don't need to be planted. They are from small growth and have two holes in the head instead of
of a nose... They can see a red sun on their world."

[from the Jewish Cabbala]

The same origin of the visitors from heaven is also linked to "Beb-Kororoti",
a revered being of the Kayapo Indians in the Brazilian rain forest.
The similarity with an astronaut in his overalls is astonishing.

Even the Dogon tribe in Mali (Africa) tell of goldy beings that visited them and brought them
lots of useful things. They learned about the Sirius System from where the foreigners came..

Based on the original Buddhist doctrine, one can travel in Stupas to great heights and visit worlds
where the gods live. For this purpose one had to perform "ritual" acts and movements.

"An appartus that can move forward on its own power like a bird: on the ground, on water or in the air,
known as "vimana", that can rise through the heaven: from place to place, country to country or
from world to world, known as "vimana", from the priests of science"

[From vaimanika-sastra]

"He treaded Indra's godly favorite palace and saw thousands of flying vehicles for the gods,
some shut down, others moving."

"As the three cities met at the firmament, he bore through them
with his ray of trifold fire."

"And the heavenly city of Indra, that Arjuna reached, was charming ... Arjuna saw other
heavenly vehicles, thousands, all had the power to go everywhere, strung to their places. ...
What is seen as a star design from the Earth, like lamps because of the huge distance,
are actually huge bodies."

From flying devices (Vimanas) , huge cities in space and terrifying warriors with weapons
of unimaginable power, as is recounted in ancient Indian scripture of the
Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

"The sun looked as if it was turning in a cirle. Scorched with the blaze of the weapon,
the Earth staggered from the heat. Elephants burned and ran all over ... The bluster of the fire
destroyed the trees ... Horses and wagons burned, it looked like after a terrifying fire. Thousands
of wagons were destroyed, then a deep stillness came over the Earth. It was a frightening view.
The bodies of the fallen were mutilated from the terrfying heat that they didn't look like people anymore.
Never before did we see this sort of gruesome weapon, and never before did we hear of such
a weapon... It is like a blazing lightning, a devastating messenger of death, bringing down all
relatives of Vrischni and Andhaka into ashes. The dead bodies were unrecognizable.
Hair and nails fell out. Pots broke for no reason, the surviving birds were white. Food turned
to poison in a short time. The lightning buried it and turned it into fine dust.
... This unerring weapon will kill all unborn children...
All children that were born were already dead."

(Mahabharata Indian Epic)

"Under Shiva's command, the Maya constructed a city of steel
as a spacious space vehicle, called Saubha"

"We saw something in heaven that resembled a scarlet cloud,
like the gruesome flames of a burning fire. A monstrous, black Vimana emerged, shooting gaudy
lightened projectiles. The noise sounded like a thousand drums beating at the same time.
The Vimana approached the ground with incomparable speed and shot thousands of
golden projectiles, followed with huge explosions and hundreds of fiery wheels.
A terrifying panic took over."

(Mahabharata, Book of Karnaparvan)

"Bhima flew with his Vimana to a monstrous beam
that had the glare of the sun, its sound like the thunder of a storm!"

(Mahabharata Indian Epic)

The question that arises here is if the ancient descriptions,
impressions and rituals reflect the contact with a misunderstood highly-advanced race.

What such confrontation ensues when a primitive culture and a highly-advanced culture
meet can be seen during the last century with the so-called Cargo Cult .